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LYONESS & LYCONET - starting a new chapter


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Gloryfy Bridge Jump

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Welcome to the Team - THE VIDEO

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CrazyFly SICK Bar Video

Check out this nice video of our new CrazyFly SICK Bar!!!

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Crazyfly Kite Camp Maledives September

This has now been the forth time for me on the Maledives. I love coming here as hardly anywhere else I have this amazing feeling of vacation and fun combined with Kitesurfing. It was also the first Crazyfly Kite Camp so far, and this is always very exciting...

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Vorstellung Crazyfly Board Palette

Nachdem ich vor ein paar Tagen die Kites besprochen habe, möchte ich nun ein paar wichtige Boards präsentieren. Crazyfly wurde schon vor über 10 Jahren extrem bekannt durch ihre gute Palette an Boards und auch für 2012 werden alle in Heimanfertigung perfektioniert. Ich möchte euch 5 Boards mit recht unterschiedlichem Charakter vorstellen, angefangen vom Pro-Freestyle Board bis zum Aufsteiger / Einsteiger Board. Los gehts!

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Fuerteventura Behind The Scenes Photo Gallery

In Fuerteventura I had a big photo- and videoshoot together with Martin with all the Crazyfly Products of 2012. Even though I cannot publish these pictures, I still compiled a Behind-The-Scenes Gallery. The Video will be produced by Crazyfly directly in the next weeks and the pictures will be used fort he Catalogue and Magazines. I will present to you a small overview of all the Crazyfly Boards during the next days, and in a little bit more than a week I will be going to our first Crazyfly Camp on the Maledives.



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Introduction to the 3 different Crazyfly Kites

Crazyfly has 3 different kites in 2012: The Sculp, the Mowii and the Slash. Where as the Mowii is rather targeted for beginners and intermediates and the Slash is for the freestyle kiters, the Sculp will be Crazyflys flagship and will be THE KITE to take for over 80% of the kiters!

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After over 3 years with F-ONE, I wanted to take a step forward and pick up new challenges. I really enjoyed my time with F-ONE and I appreciated their kites and boards and I especially want to thank Raphael and the whole F-ONE Team for all the support and time. But now, since august 1st, I have signed with the Slovakian Company Crazyfly One of the most important reasons for me to change was the opportunity to work together with a smaller company and make them really big all over the world. Their kites and boards are really awesome, and I got the chance to test them all on a big photoshoot in Fuerteventura together with my Webmaster Martin Erler. Aside of being a Teamrider I will also be involved in testing, R&D and Marketing. Crazyfly has been in the board market for 10 years already, and now is the second year since they also produce very good kites. Their potential is huge, and since most of their products are being built in their own factories they are very high standard!

During the next days I will present a new Crazyfly board or kite every day, so you get a good overview over the whole product offer Crazyfly has. I got to test each kite and board extensively, so I can give you the best advise on what to get! For me now, I will go to the PKRA in Germany for 10 days, and then off to the Crazyfly Camp on the Maledives. The Crazyfly Kite Camps will just be run like always before by myself, so be prepared for the new tour schedule in the upcoming weeks!

I will present you the first kite in the next days, so stay tuned!!!



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