Dr. Julian Hosp
The Blockchain Expert

10 years Pro-Kitesurfer
7 years Medicine
serial entrepreneur

Join the financial revolution with me:

It is my mission to help people all around the world to become #CRYPTOFIT


Which ones are worth looking into?


What is it and why is it revolutionizing the world?


How does it worth both for currencies and also assets?

My vision:
There are at least 1 billion people
by 2025 knowing and understanding
blockchain because of me.

I chose a different approach than most Speakers and Trainers out there:
Everything I do I have tested myself in my business multiple times
before passing it on to my listeners. Use my success-proven methods and strategies
like thousands of other people before to create your breakthrough and live the life you deserve.

Bestselling Author
Julian Hosp is an Entrepreneur & Business Owner & Sports Professional.

He is originally from Austria, studied Medicine but decided to go into the Business Field. Currently residing in Hong Kong, Julian Hosp travels around the world for Business and Leisure.

His message:

„This is never going to work“ is one of the sentences that drive me most. I am known for being highly energetic, laser-focused & visionary. One of my major passions is Startup Business Development, focussing especially on building the B2B & B2C side, in which my experience in building & leading teams combined with a talent to explain complicated things in a simple way rounds up my profile to go full-speed.

Latest Blog Posts

TenX presale goal of 100,000 ETH reached within 36 hours

While not official yet (we need to wait until we get the exact amount of funds from our Chinese partners in), we are very happy to announce that we have reached our 100k ETH (around 39 million USD) pre-funding goal for our PAY token presale within only 36hrs.

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