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Introduction to the 3 different Crazyfly Kites

Crazyfly has 3 different kites in 2012: The Sculp, the Mowii and the Slash. Where as the Mowii is rather targeted for beginners and intermediates and the Slash is for the freestyle kiters, the Sculp will be Crazyflys flagship and will be THE KITE to take for over 80% of the kiters!


The Sculp comes in sizes 7, 9, 11 and 13 and it will target the Freeride Riders on our planet. It has quite light bar pressure, a thin leading edge and since there are only 3 struts it is very fast turning. Very impressive is the hangtime and high end abilities of the Sculp! We really focused on providing you with a kite that any rider can use, with a huge wind range, good relaunch and super stable flying. I would advise anyone to take this kite, who is from Intermediate to Pro, and wants to jump alot, but also Freeride or go into Waves! It is not as good for Freestyle though as the Mowii or Slash.


The Mowii also comes in the same sizes as the Sculp: 7, 9, 11 and 13. This kite ist he cheapest kite Crazyfly produces, which does NOT mean it is cheap and easy to break. Actually, this is just to get a very attractive price segment for schools and beginners. The kite has a thicker leading edge, and a deeper profile, thereby being a little bit slower in turning, but having more low end compared to the Sculp. This kite targets beginners, oder Freestyle Riders who do not want to fly a C Kite. People riding waves or wanting to boost high and have fun freeriding will rather pick the Sculp.


The Slash is the pure Freestlye kite from Crazyfly. It comes in sizes 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 and provides any Freestyler with excactly what a Freestyler wants. Good low end, stable pull and great pop. Any Freestyle oriented rider should use this kite, as it will improve your riding by a lot!

My preferred kite ist he Mowii, because I can really combine Freestyle with Freeriding on it. Also, it is not as fast as the Sculp, which makes my tricks easier. But especially in the waves I will change to the Sculp straight away!

I hope this intro will give you a small overview of what Crazyfly has to offer! Next update will be the boards, which will follow during the next days, so stay tuned! Cheers


26.08.2011. 17:24

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