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Brazil - Kitecamp Curu

I was already really excited to finally test the new spot 30 minutes further north! Therefore we already left Taiba at 8 AM to spend the whole day up there! The spot lies, embedded within 2 big river deltas, totally privat (therefore not public for everyone) on a length of 4 kilometers as one of the incest beaches on this planet! Flower-like sand, perfect water, and a big variaty of spots:

1. Artificially built lagune, which was arranged to the wind perfectly with a totally straight beach 5 meters away from the beach! It is 360 meters wide, 800 meters long, and 1,5 meters deep! So it is like training in laboratory! The best known spot for me! No stone, not even a small micro-wave, no gust, simply PERFECT!

2. A natural lagune, which is lying right next to the artificial one! 100 meters wide, 500 meters long, simply like the artificial one, just not as perfect, thats why they built the artificial one, to create the most perfect spot on this planet.

3. River-mouth: whoever has been kiting in a river mouth, knows what I am talking about! The soul, the flat water, perfect for filming, and the pure nature... an experience for itself!

4. Sliderpark: In this a kiters-dream-resort will be set up one of the sickest and best slider- and kickerparks that this planet has ever seen! Built from the best wakestyler themselves it will contain sliders and kickers in all dimensions!

5.Sea: Not to forget, which is, better than in Paracuru, excellent to ride when it is high-tide. It has 2 meters, clean waves breaking on a sandbank, and within this a 200m wide knee-deep flat water area!

I tested all the spots perfectly, and I cannot decide which one I preferred... probably the perfect lagune to train like in a laboratory! The resort provides everything a kiter needs, it is from kiters for kiters! I contains anything from compressors, filmingstations, fitnessstudios, professional kitecare-center,etc.... The name Curu was given by the river, that encircles the whole spot, and only allows the people out of the camp to use it, since it is not opened to the public!

According to the owner there will be 30 aparments at the beginning of June for only 400 Euro per month (!!!!) for rent, or for only 100.000 Euro for sale! From kiters for kiters!!! It will be the most professional kite project by far, that exists on this planet! And the best thing about it: it will only be opened to a limited number of people... no beginner courses... simply the perfect training spot!!!!

I know already now where I will spend my next year training... this spot has convinced me! I will not have such training possibilities anywhere else on this planet! More infos on buying houses, rental etc is available from me (as much as I know...) or directly from the owner: Tell him I said Hi, he will be happy! It is probably best, to get infos in advance, cause as far as I have heard, since the the spot will be limitied deliberatly, places will be limited, in order not to have too many people there, and guartantee perfect training fort he rest! Just check out the spot, you will be enlightened by it ;-)

Well, tomorrow I will have to leave for Chile! I cannot believe how fast these three weeks went by...

BEST Cheers


29.09.2007. 02:21

ralf und eve on 29.09.2007. 06:37

hello jule...frage: meinst das wir zwei Kamikaze-kiter auch mal zum Zug kommen am Spot?...grins,grins
zur info:Wind heute,nur mal schlappe 40 ...Gratispeeling für eve und
Muffensausen für mich...
halten dir für Chile alle Daumen...

kingkite on 09.11.2007. 21:48

Hallo Jule
kannst du mal genau sagen wo ich curu lagoa bei google earth sehen kann?
Kenne nur die Flussmündung von Paracuru.
viele Grüße

Jule on 10.11.2007. 14:37

Hey King!

Liegt genau zwischen den beiden Flussmündungen vom Fluss Curu... also muss eh dort liegen wo du suchst!
wennst genauere infos brauchst, dann:

Lg Jule

Schwingi on 03.01.2008. 18:28


Jo schleich di, wos isn jetzt los? Wird der "Dr. Prosurfer" jetzt auch noch zum Immobilienhai?! *enormous*


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