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This is the 3rd trip this year and already the 3rd new destination. Pretty nice! Here in Boracay, we had lots of fun. The spot is nice, the kiting is good, and besides all the work I still got lots of time for myself on the water! The trip to get here was a desaster, but this is all forgotten. Isla Kite Surfing is taking care of us, and they spoil us rotten, so this is all awesome! Also the 3rd F-ONE camp was a full success…

The camp was fully booked with 12 people, and they all improved immensely! Now I will be here a few more days, before we go for a week to the North for a Wave Trip! Super looking forward to that! Check the pics in the Boracay Gallery The Video will be up during the next days!

Further Camp Dates you can find on The Camp Seite, or Follow us on Facebook:

After the upcoming week up North, I will fly back to Melbourne for one week to the next F-ONE Camp. Then I will get to go back home after 3 long months non stop travelling! Nice :-)



29.01.2011. 06:50

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